Monday, 16 February 2015

Halton Court project (part 1)

A few weeks ago, Zoë Gilmour and I started working with a group of residents at Halton Court, a new development for people 55 and beyond in Kidbrooke, South East London.

The project, commissioned by Viridian Housing was to deliver a number of weekly art sessions and visits which would lead to the production of artworks to be displayed both in Halton Court where the residents live and in another new housing development in Woolwich.

Though I’ve documented some of the processes for developing the work and outcomes at the various sessions on dailymades, I’ve held back on posting anything on this blog until now. Only a few weeks away from completing the artwork and installing it, I’m looking at these images again to help me make a decision about how to complete the artworks.

This post (uploaded retrospectively) and the following ones of the same title will be a visual account of what happened during the sessions; what inspired us, what we made, what we collected, what we discarded, what we remembered and what we thought meaningful.

The series of images posted on these posts will also remind us of how we all contributed to the making of the artwork and how it eventually took shape. It will also give us a sense hopefully of what could be produced by the residents after this project is completed. Pictures below show how it all started... 

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