Wednesday, 25 February 2015

flying fedges (round the fruit tree and back again)

The project referred to in the previous post involves creating meandering fedges across the steep slopes of the site at the Darlington YMCA, one of the ideas I suggested to Sally Reckert after at meeting her at The Festival of Thrift last year.

The current plan is to work with a number of community groups to create the fedges out of materials collected on site, as well as other local green areas. Once completed the fedges will make the garden more accessible, provide resting points, create new pathways and offer residents and visitors new sightlines over the city. We used various types of wood as well as green willow with view of it growing and  providing more foliage and material to weave into the fedge over time.

Looking at these images now I realise how much this project drew inspiration from previous work such as  Panoramic Pathways at Nottingham Castle and Museum and Art Gallery, as well as an installation I'm currently working on at Stave Hill Ecological Park, using pollarded willow around black coppiced blackthorn shrubs. I'll upload images of this last installation in my next post, meanwhile here are few that will take you on a journey around the site at the YMCA.

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